During 13-23 February 2018, we conducted four 2-days trainings in grant application drafting for Georgian civil society organisations (CSO) and local authorities (LA) in Tbilisi and Kutaisi. The trainings were organised upon the request of the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia to prepare Georgian counterparts for making quality applications during the Call for Proposals of projects aimed at strengthening civil society organisations and local authorities in the EU neighbouring countries, which will be announced under the European Union’s CSO/LA and European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) Programmes.

During the training sessions over 100 representatives of Georgian CSOs and LAs learned how to prepare concept notes and proposals to apply for grants under the above mentioned thematic EU programmes. The participants got practical skills and knowledge on project preparation based on the logical framework approach: problem and stakeholder analysis, strategy and intervention logic, assumptions and preconditions, indicators and sources of verification, sustainability of the actions, budget, etc.

Check some impressions and feedbacks from the participants of the trainings:

Zviad Eliziani, International Business Development and Investment Promotion Centre CSO, Batumi: “The training was quite useful. I got good insight in specific issues (log frame, indicators, sustainability issues) which was not clear for us before. The knowledge received, especially practical group works, will be very helpful to prepare proposals for EU programmes”.

Rapieli Kakabadze, Georgian Democracy Initiative“Training is suitable as for experienced project-writers, as well as for beginners. Both training days were full of clear examples, what was providing audience with useful information. Aim of project may count achieved, as there are at least couple of people with proper knowledge.”