This Technical Assistance project is a collaborative effort between GDSI Limited (Ireland), Altair Asesores S.L. (Spain), together with our civil society partners – CCC Creative Center (Ukraine), International Center for Human Development (Armenia), Office for European Expertise and Communications (Belarus) and Transparency International Georgia.

The consortium was built taking into consideration the strengths of each partner and following the principle of complementarity. A diverse range of first hand local expertise from locations both within the EU and locally in the Eastern Partnership countries creates the ideal mix of consultancy, academic and practitioner knowledge and experience.

GDSI Limited

GDSI Limited is one of Ireland’s most dynamic economic consulting companies. As the central hub in a network of companies including Autus Global (Ireland), GDSI (CY) (Cyprus) and GDSI (UK), GDSI inherits a multidisciplinary core staff and associates, as well as a proven track record of civil society mapping, e-learning and communication. GDSI and its network partners have been working on a whole range of civil society issues in Europe and worldwide over the last two decades.

More than 7,000 experts across a whole range of disciplines are registered with the GDSI network. Using the knowledge of those who design and implement civil society reform contracts within Ireland, the UK, Cyprus and internationally, we provide technical assistance covering all aspects of economic development, public administration reform, institutional capacity building, inter-agency communication and integration.

GDSI’s core strength is effective project management, ability to identify the right people for successful project/programme implementation and also technical expertise in monitoring and evaluation.

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Altair Asesores S.L.

Altair Asesores S.L. is an independent Spanish company providing technical services in the field of good governance, institutional building, legal reform and regional integration. It has built a solid track record advising private and public institutions in the legal, financial, institutional and management areas.

Altair’s’ team is a group of experienced lawyers, economists and project managers who count with the collaboration of a large network of independent experts. It also holds agreements with several prestigious Spanish and foreign institutions in order to provide necessary general and diversified input to all the assignments.

For the last 20 years, Altair have been providing international technical assistance to developing countries and to those with economies in transition, an area in which it has acquired relevant experience through the execution of projects financed by the co-operation programmes of the European Union and other international organisations and donors.

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Counterpart Creative Centre

Counterpart Creative Centre (CCC) was founded in Ukraine in 1996. Its mission is to strengthen civil society in Ukraine through supporting civic initiatives, developing civil society organizations (CSOs), communities, and charity. CCC provides its services to the Ukrainian CSOs, national and local state administrations and self-governing bodies, international and local donor organizations and corporations, mass media and general public.

CCC has been actively supporting the development of civil society throughout Ukraine with consulting services, training workshops, public outreach, information sharing, grants management, monitoring and evaluation. CCC has broad regional representation, which allows it to provide its services across Ukraine, to promote intra- and inter-sectoral partnerships, and to actively promote and support initiatives on the community, regional, and national level. In addition, CCC has wide network of CSOs partners in all EaP countries and experience of implementing regional projects in partnership with CSOs from EaP countries.

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The International Centre for Human Development

Established in 2000 in Armenia, the International Centre for Human Development (ICHD) is one of the leading think tanks in Eastern Europe that brings together a team of highly-qualified analysts and researchers with strong academic background and substantial experience in both public and private sectors. Its mission is to help improve policy and decision making processes through research, analysis, training and advocacy by coming up with unique solutions to the main issues in good governance, economic development, social safety and security.

The Centre has been actively involved in designing and implementing a wide range of projects. It has published a substantial number of analytical viewpoints, policy briefs, articles, research papers, books. It has trained more than 7000 professionals on a variety of themes both locally and regionally.

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Office for European Expertise and Communications

Office for European Expertise and Communications’ goal is to ensure easy access to information and expertise for people and organisations, which strive to positively change their lives, the lives of their organisations, communities, and Belarus as a part of Europe.

It focuses on positive approach and high standards of management and service provision, implementing programs for communities and organisations and for the sake of the development of civil society.

Office for European Expertise and Communications works for the benefit of a diverse and advanced civil society, which:

  • builds its activities on the needs of target groups and available expert data;
  • enables citizens to engage fully in the processes that matter to them, and to have an influence on the processes going on in the society;
  • creates space for partnership, communication, sharing of experience and expertise, where people and organizations trust each other and collaborate for the sake of public benefit

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Transparency International (TI)

Transparency International (TI) Georgia is an independent Georgian non-governmental organization, with offices in Tbilisi, Batumi, Zugdidi, and Kutaisi and many years of experience using in-depth analysis and targeted advocacy to promote transparency and accountability in Georgia. TI Georgia is part of Transparency International, a global civil society movement committed to fighting corruption, which consists of nearly 100 National Chapters, approximately 30 Individual Members and an International Secretariat in Berlin.

The mission of TI Georgia is to promote transparency, accountability and the rule of law in Georgia across all sectors of public life. The organisation engages in advocacy that is backed by in-depth research and analysis and work to engage people in positive change of Georgian society and governance. As a non-partisan organization, it cooperates with and engages all individuals and groups of society who are committed to promoting transparency and accountability in Georgia.

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