On 23-24 April 2018, the EU-funded technical assistance Project Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility – Regional Actions hold a series of webinars for the preparation of Concept Notes for the Call for Proposals “Support to Civil Society Organisations and Local authorities (CSO-LA) in the Republic of Moldova”

This training was organised upon the request of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova and designed for the civil society organisations and local authorities from Moldova eligible for applying for the EU Call for Proposals “Support to Civil Society Organisations and Local authorities (CSO-LA) in the Republic of Moldova” with the objective to support the participation of civil society and local authorities in creating an enabling environment and increasing their capacity in ensuring the accountability and transparency in decision making. The extended deadline for submission of Concept Notes is 18 May 2018. 

If you plan to apply for the Call for Proposals these webinars will help you:

  • To get full and clear information on the requirements of the Call for Proposals;
  • To learn how to fill in the Concept Notes as well as understand how they will be evaluated;
  • To get understanding of basic tools to develop the Concept Notes.

Watch the webinars here:

Block 1: Introduction to project proposal writing and the Guidelines for Applicants

Block 2: Role and structure of Concept Notes in the EU application procedure

Block 3: Preparing an effective Concept Note

In addition, our Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility Project established the online Help Desk Support for the potential applicants to offer civil society organisations help in formulating their concept notes. You can send your questions to the webinar trainer, Ms. Tanja Hafner Ademi, at: [email protected]Please check the questions asked by the participants of the webinars and answered by Tanja Hafner Ademi during the Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3 of the webinars before submitting your questions! All received questions will be publicly answered and available to all interested organisations. The Help Desk Support will be available between 24th April and 18th May, 2018 (Concept Note deadline).