Digital Tools for Democratic Governance Panel – focusing on use of digital tools in involving communities and civil society organisations into decision-making and developing ideas for policy improvements:

  • what are the benefits and setbacks countries have faced when using digital participatory tools, including participatory budgeting, citizen engagement portals, and online services;
  • how can governments and civil society organizations best ensure that rural communities and other groups with less access to digital tools are not further marginalized by the increased use of digital participatory tools? 
  • Is there any fundamental tension between respecting the privacy and data rights of citizens using digital tools while also promoting transparency and openness?
  • Have there been any difficulties in establishing the rules of expression on participatory platforms?
  • Are governments and civil society organizations overly dependent on commercial digital infrastructure, or have they been able to work harmoniously with the private sector in driving innovation forward?

with Sinziana Poiana, DG NEAR, David Marghania, EBRD/UNCITRAL Public Procurement Initiative; Sahil Mammadli, ASAN; Liia Hanni, Estonian e-Governance Academy, Hille Hinsberg, Expert, Praxis