Twenty #EaP #CivilSocietyFellows – young civil activists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, gathered today in Kyiv for the 1st Orientation Meeting for 2017 EaP Civil Society Fellows. The Fellows were welcomed by Mr. Lawrence MEREDITH, Director for Neighbourhood East, Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR), European Commission

Twenty #Fellows from 6 EaP countries – 12 women and 8 men, aged 18 to 36, – has been awarded Fellowships under the EaP #CivilSocietyFacility in 2017 to pursue a programme of activities that will allow them to develop their leadership skills, and enhance their contribution to civil society development in their respective countries. This support is an investment in the development of young current civic activists or civically minded individuals from the EaP region, who display the interest and ability of taking leading roles in the growth of their societies.

During the next 6 months the Fellows will be working on their chosen topics covering a range of priority areas in the civil society realm – e.g. addressing the needs of local communities through engagement in participatory decision-making, monitoring and analysis of policy implementation and the work of government institutions (at local, municipal, national levels), capacity-building and networking among CSOs. The outputs anticipated by the end of the Fellowship period include policy papers on a range of important themes, e-learning course materials, visualisation of archive material, and the establishment of functioning networks of activists.

Stay in touch to learn more about the #CivilSocietyFellows and their projects!