We are looking for IT and Data Experts in the areas of geostatic data, data maps, data scrapping, blockchain, budget transparency, sensors for air particles, drone footage, and mobile application to join our CitizenLab 2017 Hackathon in Kyiv, Ukraine on 25-27 November 2017Apply before November 14, 2017 if you want to help civil society activists to implement innovative projects offering solutions to real social issues in their communities, cities or regions; make your country a better place for citizens and impact people’s lives; get new knowledge and guidance from expert speakers in activism, technology and marketing/design; meet like-minded people from the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova & Ukraine) and the Central Asia.

We are excited to invite civil society activists, designers and IT specialists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova or Ukraine to apply for the first CitizenLab Hackathon which will be held in Ukraine by the Prague Civil Society Centre with the financial support of the European Union through its Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility! Offer an idea of a realistic innovation project aimed at solving any social problem in your community through the use of new technologies. You can choose any topic but we expect the projects will be related to data collection, processing, presentation or delivery, use of multimedia formats or better interaction between citizens, governments and communities. Deadline for applications: October 25, 2017.

Learn more about our Hackathons and ICT tools we will be working with in one click with our infographics.

Technology alone is not the solution, but it is essential for success of a modern society. Citizens and governments around the world use IT to strengthen the dialogue and co-operation and to ensure that public policies and services respond to citizens’ needs. From on-going feedback and crowd-sourced input to more structured digital data collection, to access to large data sets and improved data visualization – the field for potential application of IT solutions is expanding daily.

The Project aims to contribute to the improvement of dialogue and partnership between civil society and governments of the Eastern Partnership countries by developing IT tools for eTransparency and eParticipation.

These tools will empower digital participation of civil society in collecting and analysing data, will improve transparency and communication of governmental decisions and spending, and will enable broader participation in decision making. They will also help improving public services in EaP countries, with a focus on services provided to citizens by the civil society (Citizens2Citizens services).

EaP Civil Society Hackathons

To develop such IT tools, the Project Team will organise a series of regional hackathons – special events that would bring together civil activists and IT professionals from EaP countries to work face-to-face on software projects. At the end of each event, participants and independent judges will vote for the best IT tool developed during the hackathon, and the Project Team will ensure that this idea is fully developed and launched by the winning team in the following months.

Who can participate?

Participation in the Project hackathons is free of charge and open to any citizen or civil society organisation from an EaP country that has an idea for an IT tool that would:

  • improve transparency and communication of governmental decisions and spending, or
  • improve citizens’ access to public information, or
  • enable dialogue and cooperation between civil society, business, academia and government, or
  • improve existing or suggest new digital services provided to citizens by civil society or government, or
  • help citizens more efficiently participate in country’s life, etc.

The Project especially welcomes IT professionals – designers, coders, QAs, front-end / back-end developers, and all others that want to help the civil society enthusiasts translate their ideas into reality.

How to participate?

  1. Sign up for the Project email alerts, or join the Project’s social account to stay updated on the upcoming events
  2. Register for the next hackathon with the nearest call of ideas announced at the Project website
  3. Join us at the next upcoming event

Questions left?

For more information on IT tools development and hackathons please contact the Project Team at ict@eapcivilsociety.eu